"Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love"

Marc Chagall

What are the benefits of Rebirthing?


Common outcomes of a series of Rebirthing sessions : femme_rb_flop

  • deep sense of relaxation and inner peace
  • self-confidence                         
  • improved health, more energy, aliveness
  • clarity, effectiveness, emotional balance
  • joy to be exactly who you are                
  • loving relationships
  • at peace with your past
  • the ability to create the life you love
  • a connection with the Source
What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing has evolved a great deal since it was developed in the 70's. 

My approach is akin to mindfulness with the breath and deep relaxation, bringing in kindness to self.

I call it: the 21st century rebirthing.

Rebirthing has two components: the breath and the power of our thoughts.

The breath acts as a bridge between our conscious and our unconscious, between our mind and our body.

The awareness of our thoughts allows us to identify old thinking patterns and negative unconscious beliefs we have about ourselves, about others or about life in general. Acknowledging the impact they have on our life, we then find ourselves in a completely new paradigm and become aware of all the possibilities that open up for ourselves and our life.

Key words in my work are "kindness", "gentleness" and "acceptance"

Rebirthing is very simple yet very powerful technique

What happens in a 2-hour individual session?


The session starts by a chat to get clarity around an issue that is preoccupying you. This chat lasts usually around 30 minutes.

Then you lay down on a bed with a blanket on top for warmth and comfort and you start breathing in a conscious and connected way, with no pause between the inhale and the exhale. The breathing is full and relaxed. 

Your are invited to bring your awareness to the energy (prana) that is coming into your body as you breathe. This is like activating an inner shower, cleansing, purifying and healing your emotions, your mind and your body.

Long forgotten memories may surface, tension in the body may appear. 

I guide you through whatever happens with great gentleness and love until you feel complete, refreshed and free. 

This part of the session lasts normally around 1 hour. 

It is followed by some resting time for integration, and a closing chat. 

Is Rebirthing Safe?    


Rebirthing is safe and my role as your Rebirther is to make sure that you feel safe at all times.

You are always conscious in a Rebirthing session, probably even experiencing an increased level of awareness. You are always able to talk, ask questions, change position or give your opinion. Ultimately, who is in the driverís seat during a session is your Higher Self, always looking for what is best for you.

Free Introductory Chat

Please contact me for a free 1/2 hour introductory chat to find out more about Rebirthing, get all your questions answered and decide if Rebirthing is the perfect next step for you.

Residential Intensive

Click here for any info on my transformative Residential Retreats at Angel House. You can create it to suit your needs (daily one2one sessions, guided walks, excursions in glorious Devon, full board or B&B options available).



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